Food Photography

We eat first with our eyes. This saying couldn’t ring more true in today’s society. In fact, scientists have found that ‘eating with your eyes‘ is hardwired into the brain and is deeply rooted in evolution. Chefs take great pride in creating dishes that not only delight the palette, but also entertain us visually. When I approach a food photoshoot I try to embody the vision of the chef, and also approach it as a diner would. A good food photo should evoke the food’s best traits and its inherent deliciousness. Colors and textures should be celebrated. Food is interactive and sometimes adding a human element can be very effective in helping the viewer visualize themselves interacting with the food.

A great photograph is never a fluke—certain fundamentals come together to make it happen. Details like composition, lighting, and styling apply to every shot. If you need some mouthwatering food photos, let’s connect!