Fall and Winter Menu for IO Godfrey

Fall and Winter Menu for IO Godfrey

Seasons change…

As the seasons change, so do restaurant menus. The properties I work with pride themselves on using fresh, seasonal ingredients. When the time comes for updating their menus to match the season, I’m given the opportunity to create new imagery to promote their new offerings. In fact, food photography is one of my favorite types of photography. I love to work all the angles of a dish, play with the lighting, and explore the best way to showcase what makes each dish special.

The culinary team at I|O Godfrey is led by Chef Alfonso Martinez. He is an extremely talented chef who experiments with interesting flavor combinations, creative presentations, and above all, quality ingredients. I’ve been photographing Chef Alfonso’s creations for many years now, and he never ceases to surprise me. On this particular shoot the “Tuna Tacos” were a stand out in creativity. He swapped out a traditional flour or corn tortilla shell for crispy wontons, and filled them with tuna, chili oil, yuzu gel, pickles, and peppers. They are adorable!

Additionally, their cocktail are always a treat for the eyes! A fun challenge during this visit was capturing a smoked cocktail — the Roseberry Gin Sour. This cocktail is made with Hendrick’s Gin, rosemary, blackberry, raspberry, fresh lemon, and egg white. The magic happens when rosemary and hickory chips are smoked into a cloche. This smoking cocktail is dramatically presented table-side making a big impact on the senses. Here is the Reel I created to share this unique offering.


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