Photographing Mocktails for Lucca Osteria & Bar

Photographing Mocktails for Lucca Osteria & Bar

This project was very exciting for me! I stopped drinking alcohol back in December of 2018. The reasons were numerous for ditching booze for good (and I won’t bore you with the details) but suffice to say, when I go to a restaurant that has a thoughtfully-crafted mocktail list, I feel seen — and I’m temped to try them all!

My client Lucca Osteria & Bar opened in Oak Brook in May of 2021. I helped them design and launch their website, and I also manage their social media, email campaigns, and traditional print needs (like menus, check presenters, on-site signage, and more). In order to keep all of these digital marketing wheels turning, we need great imagery to help communicate the offerings.

So, when they launched their new mocktails menu I knew we’d need to have a formal photoshoot to capture them in all their glory. As the bartender worked to prepare each one I was continually impressed with the presentation. They are equally as beautiful as their traditional signature cocktails — and the recipes have been given the same about of thoughtfulness, too.

Of course, I had to try them all. My favorite mixed cocktail was the Spicy Hibiscus Not-A-Rita. It’s fresh and fruity with a kick of salt from the tajin rim. And my favorite pre-mixed option is the Lyre’s Amalfi Spritz. It’s bitter, citrusy, and delicious. It really hits the same nostalgic memory spot in my brain as a traditional Aperol Spritz. Cannot wait to enjoy this drink on a warm summer day on their patio.

After capturing the images (photo gallery below) it’s also my job to implement these images in an effective way to inform their customers about their arrival. For this activation I opted for a blog post, an email marketing campaign, and traditional social media posts.

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