Staycation Content Gathering for Le Méridien Essex Chicago

Staycation Content Gathering for Le Méridien Essex Chicago

In the dynamic world of social media, content authenticity and originality reign supreme. As a content creator and social media strategist for various luxury properties, I’ve discovered the unparalleled value of staying overnight at client properties. This immersive experience enables a comprehensive understanding of the establishment, paving the way for a rich library of content that truly resonates with the audience. An overnight stay can significantly enhance the ability to capture a wide variety of content in a short about of time.

There’s a palpable difference between a rushed visit and an overnight stay. Spending the night allows you to genuinely experience the ambiance, the service, and the little details that make a property unique. This authenticity translates into your content, making it more relatable and engaging for your audience. I’m fortunate that my husband, Nick Ulivieri, is also a photographer and assists me on staycation photoshoots.

Hotels and resorts have different vibes throughout the day and night. An overnight stay ensures you document the full experience – from the breakfast spread to the evening entertainment, from the quiet midnight ambiance to the morning fitness routines.

With more time on the premises, you can create a diverse range of content – time-lapses, long-exposures, drone shots, and more. It’s about quality and quantity, ensuring you have fresh content for your social media platforms for weeks or even months.

Here’s a glimpse of the content we gathered during our staycation project.

The Content

The Reel

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