Capturing Pride Month Features for Chicago Hotels

Capturing Pride Month Features for Chicago Hotels

Every year, during the month of June, the LGBT community celebrates in a number of different ways. Two of my clients, The Godfrey Hotel Chicago and LondonHouse Chicago, make a special point to celebrate PRIDE month to show their support for this community. They do this through unique food and beverage offerings, hotel packages, special lighting, and flags.

The very first Pride parade took place in Chicago in June 27, 1970. The next day, June 28, 1970, Pride parades took place in Los Angeles, New York City, and San Francisco. These marches encouraged people to fight homophobia, to come out and raise awareness of the issues and injustices facing the community.

Below is a collection of content I captured during the month to help these hotels promote their initiatives supporting of the LGBTQ community; including Rainbow Sangria, “Love is Love” dessert, rainbow flag, and rainbow lighting.

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