Creative Direction for LondonHouse Chicago’s Fall Tea Photoshoot

Creative Direction for LondonHouse Chicago’s Fall Tea Photoshoot

As the golden hues of autumn blanket Chicago, LondonHouse Chicago, with its rich history and timeless elegance, is all set to embrace the season. The hallmark of this season? The Fall Afternoon Tea at the renowned Bridges Lobby Bar. This year, the hotel took a modern turn to showcase this cherished offering: a visually-rich photoshoot capturing the essence of autumn in the city. As the curator of this visual narrative, I’m thrilled to give you an insider’s perspective.

The Vision Unveiled

I presented LondonHouse Chicago with the idea of using influencers and models to showcase the blend of autumn’s comfort and the elegance of their Afternoon Tea. My creative vision was to have the models naturally engage with the tea service, making the experience feel genuine. We hired four distinct models to represent this autumnal shift.

Setting the Autumnal Stage

The culinary at team at LondonHouse meticulously prepared the three-tiered stands showcasing a medley of spiced pastries and savory bites, and premium teas took center stage. Complementing this was the Chicago skyline popping up in the background through the floor to ceiling windows inside Bridges Lobby Bar.

On the chosen day, our talented models arrived, embodying the spirit of autumn in their ensembles. The meticulous preparation by the hotel’s team ensured that every element, from the warm lighting to the fall-themed decor, working beautifully together. The models, with their genuine interactions and poised demeanor, painted a picture of leisurely afternoons filled with conversations, laughter, and gourmet delights.

The Artistic Outcome

As the shoot wrapped, a review of the captured moments echoed a sentiment: we had successfully captured the charm of LondonHouse Chicago’s tradition, the models’ charisma, and the essence of Fall Afternoon Tea. After editing the photos, the next step was to distribute them for maximum impact. This included sharing to the hotel’s social channels, website, and Tock reservation page — promising to be a visual journey for all viewers.

Tock Reservation Page for LondonHouse Chicago Afternoon Tea

The Reel


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The Stills

A Toast to Collaboration

Extending gratitude to our talented models, whose professionalism and enthusiasm enriched the photoshoot, capturing the heart of what makes Fall Afternoon Tea at LondonHouse Chicago a unique experience.

As the leaves turn and the city wears its fall finery, there’s no better time to indulge in this seasonal tradition. The Fall Afternoon Tea at Bridges Lobby Bar promises a sensory delight, harmonizing flavors, age-old customs, and the city’s autumnal beauty. Reserve your table and partake in this seasonal celebration.

To cozy afternoons and unforgettable memories!

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