Spring Menu Updates for Lucca Osteria: Gathering Content

Spring Menu Updates for Lucca Osteria: Gathering Content

Take a look the work completed during a photoshoot at Lucca Osteria & Bar in Oak Brook, Illinois. The goal was to capture new cocktails and dishes from the Spring menu, and refresh their digital presence across their website, social media platforms, and email campaigns with vibrant, captivating visuals that reflect their culinary ethos and seasonal offerings.

The Power of Fresh Visuals in Digital Marketing

In today’s fast-paced digital world, keeping content fresh and engaging is crucial. For restaurants like Lucca Osteria, updated photography is not just about aesthetics; it’s about storytelling and connection. By showcasing their latest dishes and cocktails with high-quality images, we create mouthwatering invitations for both new and returning customers. This visual storytelling is essential to evoke the ambiance and flavor of Lucca, enticing diners to experience our offerings firsthand.

The Spotlight: Spring Cocktails and Signature Dishes

Our photoshoot highlighted the stars of our spring menu. The team introduced several new cocktails, bursting with fresh flavors and colors, perfect for the season. Each cocktail was styled to perfection, capturing the essence of spring with every sip.

We also focused on new dishes that were a that tell the story of our culinary creativity and commitment to quality:

  • CARPACCIO DI POLPO: A visually stunning arrangement of octopus carpaccio, complemented by pickled celery, shallots, and vibrant garnishes, creating a feast for the eyes.
  • LUCCA WEDGE: A fresh take on the classic wedge salad, featuring smoked blue cheese, pancetta lardons, and a bounty of garnishes, all captured in a way that makes you reach for your fork.
  • RAVIOLI ALL’ARAGOSTA: Shrimp-stuffed ravioli bathed in a rich lobster stock, highlighted by pops of cherry tomatoes and uni butter, offering a glimpse into the depths of flavor each bite holds.
  • SALMONE: The crispy skin of our salmon was photographed to showcase its perfect texture, paired with colorful summer fregola and a delicate pea tendril salad.
  • BRANZINO CILENO: The elegance of Chilean sea bass, served with a parsnip carrot vanilla puree and sautéed asparagus, was captured to emphasize our sophisticated plating.
  • LA FIORENTINA: A majestic 36 oz prime porterhouse, destined for sharing, presented with an array of grilled vegetables and white beans.

The Impact on Marketing

With these images, our digital marketing efforts can now tell a more compelling story. On social media, these visuals generate engagement through likes, shares, and comments, creating buzz and excitement. Updating the website with new images helps showcase the quality and ambiance of dining at Lucca, encouraging online bookings. In email campaigns, these images serve as powerful reminders of the Lucca experience, driving reservations and repeat visits.


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The investment in a professional photoshoot pays dividends by enhancing the restaurant’s digital footprint and engaging customers visually. As Lucca Osteria continues to innovate in the kitchen, their digital content mirrors this evolution, inviting everyone to taste and experience the best of what they have to offer. I hope this glimpse behind the scenes encourages you to visit and see firsthand how they bring their passion for Italian cuisine to life at Lucca Osteria.

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